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about this project

God sets the lonely into family Psalm 68:8



Who is 'Life changer'? 

In the very simplest of terms, we are a team of people following a call to help those living on, making a living on or vulnerable to the streets. We do feed meals and share fellowship with those who have no homes, but more importantly, spend time with them getting to know their back stories and the circumstances which landed them where they are. We also work with children in care who are vulnerable to becoming street sleepers, with the hope of helping them avoid this outcome. 

We offer assistance and support to adoptive families, children's homes, schools, churches and communities who share our heart for the most vulnerable in our society. From children who are in care, to those in the process of adjusting to foster care or forever homes, to assisting with and advocating for adoption, to those who live on the streets, we believe God's children all deserve to experience His love for each of us. 


We are a "homeless " project, but we define 'homelessness' as people of all ages who have no home: this includes children who have no family, but live in care;  as well as adults who have no home or family and live on the streets. To us, home is where your family is, thus the scripture verse, "God sets the lonely into families," (Psalm 68:8) means an end to homelessness to His people in many different shapes and forms. Most of all, it means family.   

LIFE CHANGER believes that the church and community can be, in fact, SHOULD BE, family to those who need it most.  

For more information please read the               section to this website.  


Our vision 

This is our original inspiration / vision sharing video from 2017. Very little has changed since then, so please feel free to view it and know that this is what motivates us and challenges us for the future. 


Our project is unashamedly Christian. We believe God brought us together, that God has His hand on us and that God's heart breaks for the vulnerable in our city. 

So our name came from a double impression:


  1. When you're in a desperate situation, you want your life to change and our project offers a pathway to doing just that: changing a life. 

  2. The best way to change a life is to allow Jesus in - He is the ultimate Life Changer. 

None of this would be possible without the grace of God. And all of it is for His Glory.

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