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Our areas of impact

You can't solve an upstream problem downstream. That's one of our mantras. 

Many of the youths living on our streets today came through the care system yesterday. In a country with over four million orphans, it makes sense that these children grow up to be a burden on society later on. They don't have a choice in the matter. In a sense, society let them down too many times for them to have a chance. 

So at LIFE CHANGER, we address the issue of homelessness and youths without family or community by working with three separate groups of people. 

1.   The Homeless on the streets of Pietermaritzburg central business district (CBD). 

2.   Those families already in the process of fostering or adoption.
3.   Children in child and youth care centres who are approaching the age of 'ageing out*.' (*This is when a youth reaches the age of 18 years or completes matric, whereby losing a government grant for care and is then required to leave a children's home.) 


By working in these three areas, we believe that we are fulfilling the call to see the lonely set in families, as set out in scripture (Psalm 68 verse 5-6). Our work covers a wide spectrum of interventions but all with the heart of buying justice rather than injustice and doing what we can to help these individuals up rather than giving them a hand-out.     

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