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shorten the distance campaign

Welcome to our Shorten the Distance campaign, where we're dedicated to bridging the gap between resources and those in need. Join us as we strive to make a difference in the lives of homeless individuals in Pietermaritzburg by providing essential support and assistance right where it's needed most.

Imagine living miles away from support. We need a vehicle to shorten the distance and bring hope to those distant from our Life Boat center.

Beyond just transportation, a vehicle represents a lifeline of hope and possibility. It's the promise of a warm meal, a helping hand, and a chance to rebuild shattered lives. With a dedicated vehicle, we can bridge the gap between despair and hope, bringing light to the darkest corners of our community.

With each journey, we're not just covering distance; we're shortening the gap between suffering and solace. Every mile driven is a testament to our commitment to serving those in need, and every moment spent together is a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit.

Let's make a difference together.

Why a Vehicle is Needed

A vehicle is not just a mode of transportation; it's a lifeline for those who are homeless. With a dedicated vehicle, we can expand our outreach efforts and provide crucial assistance to individuals in remote areas.

Increased Reach:

A dedicated vehicle enables us to extend our reach to areas where homeless individuals reside, including remote and hard-to-reach locations. Many homeless individuals live in areas that are not easily accessible by public transportation or on foot. By having a vehicle, we can ensure that our services and support reach everyone in need, regardless of their location.


Having transportation readily available enhances our ability to respond promptly to emergencies and urgent situations. Whether it's providing medical assistance, offering shelter during extreme weather conditions, or responding to crises, a vehicle allows us to act swiftly and effectively. This efficiency can be crucial in saving lives and addressing immediate needs.


Transporting essential supplies, such as food, water, clothing, and hygiene products, becomes more manageable with a dedicated vehicle. Often, homeless individuals struggle to access basic necessities due to limited resources or mobility challenges. With a vehicle, we can ensure that our resources reach those who need them most, improving the overall well-being and dignity of individuals experiencing homelessness.

In summary, a vehicle is not just a means of transportation for Life Changer; it's a vital tool that enables us to extend our reach, respond to emergencies, and ensure the accessibility of essential services for homeless individuals in our community.

How You Can Help

Your contribution can make a significant impact on our campaign's success. Here are several ways you can get involved:


Consider making a donation towards our vehicle fund. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to our goal.

Spread the Word:

Share our campaign with your friends, family, and network. Together, we can raise awareness and garner support for our cause.

Corporate Sponsorship:

If you represent a corporation or business, explore opportunities for corporate sponsorship and support our initiative.

our bank details

Account Name : One Life Foundation / Life Changer

First National Bank

Branch: Hayfields

Branch Code: 221425

Type of account: Cheque Account

Account number: 62807288156


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