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The Life Boat resource centre


Photos above and right: The very exciting new premises that has become the next home for Life Boat at 7 Levy Street. 

The Life Boat Resource Centre is a safe place for the homeless. Once they have a voucher from you - they can come and exchange the voucher for a meal, a service (hair cut, eye test for example) or a clean change of clothing. 

The object of this place is to create a safe place where these vulnerable people can connect and be seen and treated with dignity. 

Meals are served at a table and trained staff and volunteers will be connecting with the people who come by.

When a ship is sinking, a life boat is what gets those aboard to a place of safety. That is why we have called this the "Life Boat;" it's not meant to be the end, but a bridge to help find meaningful help and dry land for those who need it. 

The new Life Boat at 7 Levy Street will offer a wider range of services for intentional support of the homeless. From a library and Bible study, to a medical clinic and counselling facility. Watch this space for more details.  

If you would like to volunteer at the  Life Boat, please get in touch. We are always looking for ways to help and your talent or skill might be just what we need! 

Photos: The early stages of getting the Life Boat operational at the old venue behind Selgro Superspar. 

LIFE BOAT voucher 1024_1.jpg
LIFE BOAT voucher 1024_2.jpg

Photos: front and back of the Life Boat voucher (details on the voucher may change, this is for impression purposes only)

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