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Pietermaritzburg Homeless Network 

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This coalition was formed in early 2020 and had to be on hiatus during Covid lockdown in 2020. Life Changer, under the One Life Foundation and as part of the National Homeless Network, has initiated this collaboration and formalisation of the coalition will take place in due course. 

It was re-formed in 2021 and has grown each month. 

The PHN has a joint agenda to:
1. Advocate for the homeless in our city

2. Create an organised approach to assisting this community through co-operation 

3. Establish a shelter for the city's vulnerable who have no homes


Our most urgent meeting point is to address the fact that Pietermaritzburg has no safe space or shelter for the street-dwellers in our community.  We have approached the city and various institutions in order to obtain permission for a building that can be used for this purpose. We recognise that our local municipality is inundated with problems and we would prefer to walk alongside them offering a solution rather than coming across as antagonists towards them. We know that this city can only be repaired - from the most vulnerable person to the highest pillar in the City Hall, by a united and co-operative front. 

Pietermaritzburg has: 

- No homeless shelter for men and very limited options for women 

- No safe-space for men and women for inclement weather, respite care and emergency relief

- No free rehabilitation for substance abuse 

- No plan to re-patriate the previously homeless to their community and equip them to become contributing members of society 

We wish to rectify this situation and have a solid plan, created by various entities in the city, to make a plan work that is sustainable and truly restorative.


If you would like to be part of this conversation, please get in touch. Meetings occur monthly. 


Current participants in the conversation are: 

One Life Church / Life Changer / Temple of Glory Ministries International / North Hills Church / All Saints Church / Christ Church Cascades / Youth for Christ / YMCA  / Business Fighting Crime / PAFTA / Safe City PMB/ PMB Chamber of Commerce / PMB Community Chest / Certain private businesses who share in this mission.  



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